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Fly and Spider Control

Cutting Edge Pest Control Services in The South Island

If you need to rid your home or building of pests, Fly & Spider Control will get the job done! We have the latest equipment and expertise to provide a full range of pest control services throughout the South Island, including; Invercargill, Christchurch and Nelson.

Qualified Staff

The technicians from Fly & Spider Control are trained and qualified to treat your particular pest problem, using the safest and most effective methods available.

They will rapidly identify and report potential risks, developing a tailor-made solution to protect your business or home from a wide variety of pests.
Expert spraying pesticides in kitchen
Fly control

Safe Products

All of the products we use for pest control, meet all current NZ safety standards and recommended for domestic, commercial, agricultural, public and industrial premises. They are also safe for use in the meat, game and fish industries.

Important Things to Know

You may see results immediately from your treatment, but it could take up to 14 days to be completely free of pests, as they will be killed by the residual action of the chemical. For this reason it is important to follow the steps below:
  • Put away toothbrushes before spraying
  • For borer treatment, vacate the property for at least 2½ hrs, followed by thorough ventilation before returning
  • Thoroughly wipe down all food preparation surfaces after spraying
  • Do not wash windows for 10 days
  • Wipe cobwebs after 10 days
  • For flea treatment, refrain from vacuuming carpets for five days
Expert with pesticides equipement
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