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Fly and Spider Control

Remove Those Damaging Pests Once and For All in The South Island

New Zealand is the ideal habitat and breeding ground for damaging pests. Unfortunately by the time you notice them they may have already caused considerable damage to your home or business. So protect your investment and health by giving Fly & Spider Control a call! Servicing all around the South Island, we can remove all your unwanted pests. We operate seven days a week and offer an eight month warranty (outside work only) for your peace of mind.

Experts in Borer Treatment

At Fly & Spider Control we can treat borer and other wood boring insects, which affect older type buildings where untreated sapwood timber has been used. Our technicians will apply a residual treatment to all wood surfaces.

While our treatment will work to break the breeding cycle during flight season, it will be more of a control than a cure. Borer can still emerge from the timber until all the pupae have hatched.

In some situations, if the timber has been severely weakened then the affected boards should be replaced with treated timber.
Damaged wood by termites
Spider control services

Spiders Control Services

Biting and venomous spiders (namely the Redback and Whitetail) are a real risk to the home. Although the bite of a Whitetail is not dangerous, it can sometimes cause an infection, due to the bacteria carried by the spider.

Luckily, we have spider control services to combat these spiders, as well as all other less dangerous NZ spiders. Our spider elimination process involves the treatment of the exterior, ceiling or roof spaces and other interiors. We use environmental friendly products and provide up to 12 months of protection against the Whitetail.

Fighting Flies

We have pest control services for most of NZs winged pests, from fruit flies to mosquitoes. These flies spread disease through contamination, posing a threat to hygiene.

The treatment and prevention of flies can be achieved with a coordinated program that includes sanitation of the affected areas and insecticidal controls, such as residual sprays. Larvicides may also be necessary to reduce breeding in some areas.
Fighting flies
Cockroach control

Cockroach Control

There are several species of cockroach in NZ, usually found in warm, dark and moist conditions.

The most effective and long lasting method of controlling cockroaches is sanitation. Where possible, food materials should be removed and harbourage areas sealed off. Residual insecticides can be applied and used in conjunction with aerosol, mist or fog applications. This will help control existing populations and prevent their recurrence.
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